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                                A culture of diversity

                                Discover how we foster diversity to drive innovation

                                Our different nationalities, backgrounds, genders, and abilities are a reason to celebrate. They give us competitive advantage and make our company unique.


                                Our presence in more than 100 countries makes us a multicultural company by nature. Our long-term investment in the ‘new economies’ like India, China, and Brazil, reinforces that. Wherever we operate, we assemble multinational teams and foster diversity. We encourage cross-functional and cross-border collaboration. Our international mobility programme supports this diversity.

                                Fair and equal workplace

                                In the spirit of progress, we adopt an inclusive approach. We seek the best worldwide. We welcome all talent, without any partiality whatsoever. What counts foremost is a demonstration of the potential and competencies we need:

                                • To develop new products that meet new needs in energy efficiency
                                • To sell creative solutions perfectly suited to customer requirements

                                At Schneider Electric, we believe that helping you as an individual to realise your full potential will help the company overall to achieve outstanding results. From the CEO downwards, we are especially committed to broadening opportunities for women.

                                Women in Leadership programme

                                We are developing the potential of our female employees through career development initiatives and professional networking opportunities.

                                Connecting the generations

                                40% of Schneider Electric employees are between 16 and 34 years of age. We facilitate understanding and collaboration among all generations.
                                To know more

                                To know more 

                                Our approach to sustainable development


                                Our Foundation for energy sharing


                                Opportunities to start your career abroad


                                A strong culture of openness