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                                Communication Manager

                                What is your current role at Schneider Electric Mexico?

                                I am in charge of the whole communications department. I also lead community actions and manage the Schneider Electric Foundation. I am a very active person and also the grandmother of four grand-daughters!

                                How do you manage both communications and your community action as head of the Schneider Electric Foundation?

                                Since I was hired, I’ve always thought that this responsibility was part of my profile. The programmes we develop in Mexico have a huge impact on the community environment, on our people and on our overall business. And I’ve managed to bring together the efforts of the Foundation and those of local organisations, like those congregated by United Way, the charity we work with.

                                Tell us about some events you coordinate

                                We’ve been running Mini-Olympics Handicapped Games for 10 years now. They have received an award and important financial support from the Schneider Electric Foundation. We started with 400 children. Last year, it attracted 1,400 junior competitors in 11 disciplines.
                                We also coordinate ‘A Toy for a Smile’. 70 Schneider Electric volunteers helped last year in the coordination of the event and donating money, in order to give a toy to 635 children.
                                We also participate actively in many local projects. Among these projects, we helped build a dispensary.

                                What does this involvement bring you?

                                In my mind, that’s what working at Schneider Electric is about: not only getting great opportunities to consolidate one’s experience and further one’s career, but also growing personally by bringing something to other people.

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