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                                Vice President Industrial Operations Europe

                                Are there many openings in logistics?

                                Logistics is a field of boundless opportunity for recent graduates. Beyond conventional logistics operations, we are meeting emerging needs, especially in workflow organisation. The complexity inherent to globalisation requires a richer array of skills.

                                How do you explain this growing trend?

                                Offshore, IT system rationalisation, shifting market demand, vanishing borders, changing legislation, environmental protection and other issues all necessitate ongoing flow adaptation. We are in the early stages of this transformation, which will create many job opportunities.

                                What skill sets are in demand?

                                The supply-chain-logistics function constitutes a junction between production and sales. It requires diverse skill sets, both technical and business-oriented. My role as manager is to identify and promote people with a dual sales and industrial background. This will set Schneider Electric apart in the area of logistics.

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