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            Quality certification & policy

            Schneider Electric Indonesia quality certification policy

            The management of Schneider Electric follows a policy based on the concept of dynamic quality. The purpose of this policy is to ensure total satisfaction for all of our customers, shareholders and employees through the continuous development and improvement of products, services and the skills of our employees.

            Our policy of dynamic quality is built on seven principals

            • Constantly listening to our customers to ensure the sustainable improvement of their satisfaction
            • Commitment from all levels of management and employees
            • Openness of communication
            • Systematic measurement and communication of performance
            • Control and improvement of processes, products and services
            • Recognition of exemplary actions
            • Sharing our quality policy with our internal and external partners

            Dynamic quality is planned
            Specific plans are deployed through our Annual Quality Assessment and the progress is measured regularly.

            Dynamic quality is preventive
            Quality begins with specifications for product and service development enabling issues to be identified before they occur and solutions implemented to maintain continuous customer satisfaction.

            Dynamic quality is responsive
            Issues affecting satisfaction are resolved quickly and effectively

            Ultimately the measure of quality is customer satisfaction 
            Following this path of dynamic quality also means that all Schneider Electric's Indonesia locations, products and processes meet the rigorous standards required for ISO 9001 accreditation. For more information on the International Organisation for Standards click here, or to see copies of our Quality certification & policy. 

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