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            Environmental responsibility



            • Monitoring the impact of sites.

            Each year, Schneider Electric conducts a review of the risk from pollution for all of its sites. During the year, we conducted our annual review of pollution risks at all our manufacturing sites. None is classified Seveso. However, we continuously track 13 facilities, of which 7 in France, often because of their past manufacturing history.

            At the end of 2006, 90.6% of our manufacturing and logistics sites were certified ISO 14001, for a total of 192 facilities.

            • Reducing electricity consumption.

            Following on the United States, Spain, France, Thailand and India, Schneider Electric in the UK has installed tele-monitoring and electricity consumption auditing procedures.

            Targets for 2008:

            - Ensure that all manufacturing and logistic sites are certified ISO 14001
            - Reduce energy consumption per production site employee by 10% (in MWh/year)

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