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Protect electronics from lightning strikes

Surge protection devices



A lightning strike in the vicinity of a building, or near overhead supply lines, suddenly increases the voltage to 3 or 6 kV, instead of 230 V.

The surge, which lasts a few microseconds, can destroy many electronic components: memories, processors, capacitors, screens, etc.
Surge arrester damps the spike down to a value compatible with connected appliances withstand (ex.: 1.5 kV)

All devices situated within 10 meters distance from the switchboard are effectively protected.


Select appropriate discharge capacity


20 kA provides a good protection with long life duration for a large majority of

40 kA rated surge arrester is recommended for situations of high risk and frequent.
lightning storms:

  • locations with more that 40 strikes yearly per sq. kilometer
  • mountainous or humid areas,
  • buildings and / or supply lines in flat deserted areas

Building equipped with lightning arrester

If the building features a lightning arrester on the roof  a surge arrester of type 1 is required. It must be fitted in the main switchboard, at power incoming point, in addition to the surge arresters selected as above.

A lightning arrester attract the strikes. It drives lightning current to the ground through dedicated ducts, diverting it from the building structure.
But it increases probability of surge overvoltage on, the embedded electrical and the amount of energy at stake in such events.
Type 1 surge arrester has the ability to divert such amounts of energy away from sensitive equipment.

To know more

To know more 

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