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Original Equipment Manufacturers

            Safety Expertise and Co-design


            Design your machine compliant with new safety standard

            According to the Annex VII of the Machinery Directive, a Technical File for new machines is required.


            It must include:

            • A risk assessment with a list of the essential health and safety requirements which apply to the machinery
            • The description of the protective measures implemented to eliminate identified hazards or to reduce risks

            Schneider Electric offers support and training services with an expert engineer local team that will help you to implement the latest legislation changes.

            Schneider Electric could assist you to conduct and develop your safety applications for your machines with the document compliance to new functional safety standards:

            1. Analysis and assessment:
            Realize the risk assessment and hazardous identification analysis to obtain the machine safety level required.

            2. Application and implementation:
            Perform the functional safety specification and implement it for the safety level required.

            Understand the new functional safety approach and recognize the advantages of different standards application.

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