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Power protection - Earth leakage protection and surge protection

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Earth Leakage Protection


Voltage  240 VAC 240 to 415 VAC 240 VAC
Number of poles  1Ph+N 2, 3, 4
Nominal current (A)  6 to 32 25 to 63  
Breaking capacity (kA)  20
Type ol loads/
Tripping curve*
C class A 30 or 300 mA class A 30 or 300 mA Type 2
Width  36 mm 27 to 63 mm 36 to 72mm 72 to 120mm
Product reference  DPN vigi Vigi C60 blocks* RCCB ID Quick PRD 20r

(*) For use with C60N MCB
(**) RCBO: with overcurrent protection for individual circuit protection
(***) RCCB : without overcurrent protection for Group protection

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