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Power Repartition


The assembly of automated control and distribution panels requires the use of products that are not only safe but also simple and quick to mount and cable. Schneider Electric offers safe and simple products for electric current carrying, current distribution and component mounting.

Power supply of rows from the incoming line

Type of distribution Busbars
Bare busbars to be formed Insulated busbars
Speed of installation Medium High
Personnel safety Medium High


Type of splitter block Single-pole to be combined Multipolars
Fast Screw-on Fast              Screw-on
Flexibility High Low  
Compactness Medium High  
  Maintenance Easy Complicated Easy Complicated


Power supply of one row of motor-starter

Type of distribution
Comb busbar GV Pre-assembled busbar system AK5 Adaptors for busbar
systems LA9Z
Selection criteria Speed of installation High Medium Medium
Flexibility, evolutivity Low Medium High
Specific features Specific to TeSys GV and LU breakers Universal solution Specific to TeSys GV,LU & Compact NS breakers
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