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                                                          Frequently asked questions

                                                          This page contains a list of frequently asked questions, in order to give you a quick and easy overview of Schneider Electric’s offers regarding Panel builders.

                                                          Prisma Plus:

                                                          Consult panel builders’ questions in order to learn more about the Schneider Electric’s Prisma Plus range.



                                                          Schneider Electric’s experts bring information and provide some tips about OKKEN products.



                                                          Let’s discover some tips about the Blokset range.


                                                          IEC Standard 61439:

                                                          Let’s discover some tips about  IEC Standard 61439.

                                                          To know more

                                                          To know more 

                                                          Requests for Products and Services information


                                                          Schneider Electric Compact NSX


                                                          Panelbuilders newsletter


                                                          Panelbuilder’s team


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