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By your side to improve performance

  Schneider Electric is committed to working side-by-side with Panelbuilders in order to fully meet the ever more demanding requirements of contractors and end user customers. We stand by your side over the long-run to maintain and build added value in your profession and to help you improve performance daily.  

Every day going farther to acknowledge your expertise

Schneider Electric knows that building panels professionally requires key expertise in order to satisfy end user customers.

Maintaining and developing your added value over the long term

Schneider Electric provides a complete offer of products, software, services and support specifically dedicated to your profession.

Providing support throughout your entire business process to ensure profitability and longevity for your activity.

In addition to your technical know-how, you also need to understand market requirements, be able to highlight the advantages of differentiation, offer and manufacture panels that meet standards and requirements, and to buy, sell, and manage quality. Schneider Electric is by your side to improve performance every step of the way, whether for panels to supply power or to control machines and automation systems.

Guaranteeing quality of service right to your door.

Schneider Electric structures and manages its network of Official Distributors to ensure service quality.

Going even further with a commitment to true partnerships.

Schneider Electric is developing a worldwide program of customised partnerships, adapted to each country. It is reserved for Panelbuilders who have been selected for their business skills, expertise, commitment and field of activity.

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