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                                                          Success Stories: Bourse Commercial Centre in Marseille



                                                          9 metres of brand new main low voltage switchboard fitted with the new Compact NSX circuit breakers: the Bourse Commercial Centre in Marseille has completely refurbished its electrical installation.
                                                          Objective: ensure maximum protection while measuring, monitoring and transmitting energy consumption.

                                                          The Barbanel design office and Socoteel installation contractor recommended using Compact NSX circuit breakers fitted with Micrologic type E trip units: a solution perfectly adapted to the new needs of the user.

                                                          Detect opportunities for cutting costs
                                                          The commercial centre wishes to control its energy costs.
                                                          “It will surely be possible to avoid or reduce certain areas of energy consumption, such as lighting for example, at certain times of the day, or for certain machines by programming them to shutdown earlier. Information provided by the measurement units integrated into the Compact NSX should give us a better understanding of how our installations function and let us imagine solutions to optimise them, and thus reduce our electrical energy consumption”, explains Guy Gibert, director of the commercial centre.

                                                          Facilitate maintenance work
                                                          Aurélien Maingault, the panel builder, appreciated the ease of installation and ease of use when replacing the obsolete installation by 9 metres of Prisma Plus panels. A commando operation, carried out over a weekend, with the obligation of completing the work by the time the commercial centre opened on Monday morning. “A challenge in part made possible by the technology of the Compact NSX. With there no longer being the need to wire core balance CTs and with the new Plug and Play connection for remote front face displays, Compact NSX gave us a massive time saving, helping us to install the switchboard in record time and meet the deadline.”

                                                          “With the Compact NSX, which both guarantees protection and provides the user with all the data he needs concerning his installation, Schneider Electric is a real step ahead.”
                                                          Jacques Frenay, Barbanel Design Office

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