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                                                        The power of a standard adapted to your needs

                                                        Why you must use it!


                                                         The new IEC 61439-1&2 standard, the reference for safe and reliable Low Voltage switchboard 

                                                        IEC standards are now legal requirements or market benchmarks.

                                                        The new IEC 61439-1&2 is the benchmark for the construction of LV electrical switchboards.

                                                        IEC 61439 1&2 fully meets the requirements of designers and users of new generation LV switchboards:

                                                        • Safety of persons and equipment,
                                                        • Electrical availability,
                                                        • Long-term reliability and conformity.
                                                        To guarantee these essential values, the standard sets a wide range of requirements.

                                                        These include designing a “system” compliant in all aspects:
                                                        • Checking interactions and consistency between switchgear and equipment,
                                                        • Providing protection against electrical, mechanical and structural hazards,
                                                        • Simplifying system maintenance and upgrading cycles.
                                                        The new IEC 61439 structure dedicates a section to assembly switchgear (IEC-61439-1&2) 
                                                        IEC 61439 -1&2* = Only "Tested assemblies"
                                                        General Rules 
                                                        Power SC Ass.
                                                        Distribution Boards
                                                        Construction Sites
                                                        Public networks
                                                        Busbar Trunking
                                                        • IEC61439-2
                                                        • IEC61439-3
                                                        • IEC61439-4
                                                        • IEC61439-5
                                                        • IEC61439-6
                                                        *IEC 61439-1&2 are published since January 2009, and IEC 61439-3 to 6 should be published in 2011.

                                                        The old IEC 60439
                                                        IEC 60439 -1 = "Type Tested" & "partially Type Tested"
                                                        General Rules + Type Tested Assemblies / Partially TTA
                                                        Distribution Boards
                                                        Construction Sites
                                                        Cable Distrib. Cab.
                                                        Busbar Trunking
                                                        • IEC60439-3
                                                        • IEC60439-4
                                                        • IEC6O439-5
                                                        • IEC60439-2
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