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                                                          Types of Standards

                                                          Low Voltage
                                                          Medium Voltage

                                                          IEC 60364-X
                                                          The set of IEC 60364-X standards defines the main principles and rules on:

                                                          • Assessment of general characteristics of installations
                                                          • Protection
                                                            Selection and erection of equipment
                                                          • Verification and maintenance of installations
                                                          IEC 61936
                                                          This standard provide a state-of-the-art reference document about HV installation rules. However, it is too "open" to be relevant when specifying any actual installation.National standards are most often the reference on safety points.
                                                          Standards on
                                                          • IEC 60439-1: general rules
                                                          • IEC 60439-2: busbar trunking systems
                                                          • IEC 60439-3: distribution boards
                                                          • IEC 60439-4: assemblies for construction sites
                                                          • IEC 60439-5: power distribution in networks
                                                          IEC 62271-1 provides the common rules applicable to HV switchgear and controlgear
                                                          IEC 62271-2xx refer to HV assemblies
                                                          "IEC 62271-200: metal-enclosed MV assemblies" is the most relevant for panel-builders
                                                          Standards on
                                                          switchgear devices
                                                          or functions
                                                          • New IEC Standard 61439-1&2 
                                                          • IEC 60947-1: general rules
                                                          • IEC 60947-2: circuit breakers
                                                          • IEC 60947-3: switches and disconnectors
                                                          • IEC 60947-4: contactors
                                                          • IEC 62208 / EN 50298: empty enclosures
                                                          IEC 62271-1xx deal with functions or separate devices for HV field.
                                                          "IEC 62271-100: circuit-breakers"
                                                          "IEC 62271-102: disconnectors and earthing switches"
                                                          and others...
                                                          also the IEC 60265-1 (not yet incorporated in the 62271 serie) to be considered : MV switches.

                                                          Management standards
                                                          ISO 9004: Quality management system – guidelines for performance improvement. Used in setting up quality management systems.
                                                          ISO 9001: Quality management system – requirements. Used for certification audits.
                                                          ISO 14004: Environmental management system – major guidelines on the principles. Systems and techniques implemented.
                                                          ISO 14001: Environmental management system – specification with guidance for use.
                                                          ISO/IEC 17000: Conformity assessment — Vocabulary and general principles
                                                          ad other standards of the same serie.

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