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Green Premium

              EoLi: End-of-Life instructions

              Bring simplicity and efficiency into the products recycling system!


              Material Efficiency requires an efficient product waste treatment when products are at the End-of-Life stage. In order to allow optimised recycling of its products, with full safety for people and environment, Schneider Electric provides customers and recyclers with the constituent material, the recyclability rate of its products and an End of Life Instructions manual when relevant, according to the IEC 62635 guidelines.

              The End-of-Life documentation conveys all relevant instructions to indicate:

              • information to mitigate personal hazards before recycling operations
              • parts identification to be dismantled:
                • for re-use purposes
                • for selective treatment to mitigate environmental hazards (de-pollution)
                • for use of single recyclable materials
                • for incompatibility with ordinary recycling process
              Find the clear and optimized information on your products’ environmental concerns and simplify your business processes as well as your life!
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