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Green Premium

              PEP: Product Environmental Profile

              All products environmental footprint in 2 pages!


              The implementation of an environmental-conscious policy requires complete and reliable product environmental impact information. In this context, Schneider Electric commits to inform and provide its customer with Product Environmental Profile (PEP) in full compliance to the ISO 14025 PEP eco-passport Program and for all the products it commercializes. This documentation allows them to be more eco-friendly and establish their own life cycle analysis.

              Product Environmental Profile provides information on:

              • Constituent Materials
              • End of Life recyclability rate
              • Environmental impact on the 4 Life Cycle phases through 11 indicators (covering Air & water pollution, Raw Material depletion, Carbon footprint, Energy conception, Waste production)

              Schneider Electric covers more than 2/3 of global business by products with PEP.

              With just one simple click, you can find the detailed information of your products’ environmental characteristics. Gain the time and simplify your life with Green Premium!

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