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        Success Story: Retail

        City's Nisantasi Life-Style Center, Istanbul (Turkey)

        Building solutions with a metering advantage

        Success Story: Retail



        Customer profile:

        City's Nisantasi Life-Style Centre is located on Tesvikiye street which is in the heart of the shopping centre of the luxurious district of Nisantasi, Istanbul. It is more of a life-style centre than a shopping mall as it converges art and fashion in the most prestigious location of the city, with its architectural conformity to the historical and cultural structure of the region.

        City's features 150 stores, 9 cinema theatres, a 6 storey car-park, global brands, cafes and exclusive restaurants

        Customer objective and constraints:

        City's Nisantasi project is a prominent A+ project that has the top location in Istanbul with an investment of US$ 125,000,000. The client behind this venture was the Gülaylar group, a  jewellery and luxury goods retailer, who were building their first shopping mall
        The client wanted tenant metering for each of its shop owners based on W.A.G.E.S. and energy metering/ monitoring as part of the solution offer which would later conclude as energy optimisation



        Implementation methodology (main phases):

        Phase 1: Schneider Electric offered an energy consultancy role to study the various requirements of the client (Gülaylar) and their tenants. This included understanding various lighting needs in accordance with store design formats and air quality needs in accordance with goods sold

        Phase 2: An integrated HVAC and Lighting Control solution was implemented in an open architecture (LonWorks) to a single end BMS Workstation for facility management. Air Quality monitoring and control was further integrated for car-park and mall vicinities to ensure customer comfort

        Phase 3: A metering strategy was studied and installed for City's Nisantasi with a view to have tenant metering over a W.A.G.E.S portfolio. This included VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) monitoring through special meters, alongside electricity and water. A proprietary invoicing software was created by SE Turkey based on clients' requirements. This software allowed the inputs from HVAC (Daikin VRV system) to be converged with Water and Electricity usage details and tariff, and finally displayed on a common accounting interface.

        Phase 4: Medium Voltage power protection solutions were installed and the output fed to the BMS workstation. Schneider Electric also helped address a customised load shedding solution for City's in the eventuality of a power shortage or outage. This mechanism is controlled by SCADA and fed by Modbus into the BMS, hence forming a seamless crosslink between Power and BMS.

        Phase 5 included tying all the energy information outputs to the BMS workstation for integrated database management, meaning that the mall was able to charge its tenants for justified consumptions.

        Phase 6 took energy management further with an all-round facility management offer


        Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):




        Customer benefits:

        Schneider Electric was able to assist City's Nisantasi with a modular offer by which they could build on their energy management strategy and key elements on a step-by-step approach
        With a customised metering strategy and a tenant-oriented tariff workflow processed through the BMS workstation, the mall could conduct real-time analysis and overview of its energy consumptions and hence reduce operating costs.
        By having all metering and BMS functions processed through LonWorks, the mall was also allowed flexibility in its choice of operations in the long-term and facility managers were given the benefit of having IP oriented control over all measurement parameters.

        Solution breakdown

        Main services:
        • Building applications:
        Main products & systems:
        • Power meter: PM700
        • Power meter: PM9
        • Protection relays for standard applications: Sepam series 20
        • Infrastructure products: products
        • Controllers: Xenta
        • Building management system: Vista
        • System components: LON systems
        • DDC controllers:
        • Actuators (valves & dampers):
        • Environmental sensors:
        • Software workstation and software tools:
        • Other BACS products:
        • Integrated systems: