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        Success Story: Retail

        Forum Malls, Multi Development (Turkey)

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        Success Story: Retail



        Customer profile:

        Multi Turkmall is the subsidiary of Multi Corporation, a Netherlands based company in the field of developing, owning and operating shopping centres, offices and mixed-use projects including residential. Their projects are known for their innovative nature, architectural flair and urban connectivity. Multi's projects are often the engine for the regeneration of an entire city or region. 
        Multi Turkmall has established itself with the 'FORUM' projects. Following the openings of its life-style centres in Izmir (2006), Mersin (2007), Denizli, Trabzon, Aydın (2008), and Istanbul (2009); Multi Turkmall has 16 more Forum Shopping and Life-Style Centre projects under construction.

        The Multi Corporation manages all its services such as property development, investment, asset management and property management. Its malls are designed by its group T+T Design.
        They are active in 17 European countries

        Customer profile:

        Customer objective and constraints:

        Multi development owns and operates all its properties and hence keeps a keen eye on CAPEX and OPEX. Its inhouse design team micro-specifies the engineering structure, hence quality and service factors are quintessential.
        Since they have an inbred Facility Management team which has energy services, the analysis of monitored information from a Power and BMS front is important. This also creates a need for a single vendor system for support.
        The mall also preferred tenant metering over W.A.G.E.S. and was keen to have monitoring of both Medium and Low Voltage solutions alongside BMS solutions.
        Multi Development, further to construction of their malls plans to integrate the energy modelling of all their malls and have a common database for real-time information on a single webstation. Hence all devices need to be IP capable. 
        Having retail presence in more than 17 countries means that the architecture has to be open-based to suit its international design strategies.

        Schneider Electric was chosen as the solution provider in view of all the above information.



        Implementation methodology (main phases):

        The construction of FORUM malls featured similar strategies in construction and development:

        Phase 1: Study of Lighting and HVAC needs with reference to customers' design requirements and stores available. Study of power consumption and load study for application of load-shedding schemes

        Phase 2: Implementation of the first-ever single point integration of both Power and BMS monitoring, control to one BMS workstation via TCP/ IP. This meant the convergence of HVAC applications, Lighting Control, Fire Detection, Access Control, CCTV solutions, Energy Metering, Power Quality and Core Power solutions analysis and monitoring to a single computer. 

        Phase 3: Implementation of Load-Shedding solution via SCADA interface into the Medium and Low Voltage power solutions. Integration of Power Quality solutions to cater to dynamic power requirements of the Malls

        Phase 4: Tenant metering over W.A.G.E.S parameters, analysis of energy usage over faciity management software to forecast energy requirement needs and optimisation of devices to truly make the FORUM malls 'sustainable'

        Phase 5: Energy Services in process. All devices complied with an open design architecture


        This is an ongoing project as Multi-Turk Development wishes to construct 16 more malls in the region of Turkey with 5 already constructed.

        Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

        Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):



        Customer benefits:

        Schneider Electric guaranteed customer satisfaction and completed the provision of energy management solutions for 5 FORUM malls in Turkey and assisted in building the other 16 malls in the pipeline.

        The customer (Multi Development), extremely satisfied with Schneider Electric, has asked them to assist further in energy optimisation services and strategies for implementing a unique remote monitoring strategy for all the 16 malls from a single venue for Facility Management.

        Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

        The ability to truly understand what makes Energy:
        1) Safe: By having PLCs work seamlessly with the BMS system for Power Management and Load Shedding
        2) Reliable: By having the energy meters give real-time data via TCP/ IP network for authorised parties to access
        3) Productive: By having a W.A.G.E.S. tenant monitoring system which can customise financial instruments to satisfy all stakeholders
        4) Efficient: By installing sensors and meters on all energy access points
        5) Green: By simply being Energy Efficient

        Solution breakdown

        Main services:
        • Building applications:
        • Security systems:
        • Building automation services:
        • Fire detection maintenance contracts:
        • Building security services:
        • Integrated offers:
        • Maintenance contracts:
        • Technical interventions on site:
        • Fire detection start-up & commissioning:
        • Extended services:
        Main products & systems:
        • Infrastructure products: products
        • Security integrated with building automation: Vista Security
        • Controllers: Xenta
        • Facility management software: Vista FM
        • Building management system: Vista
        • DDC controllers:
        • Actuators (valves & dampers):
        • Environmental sensors:
        • Software workstation and software tools:
        • Other BACS products:
        • Fire detection:
        • Burglar detection:
        • Building access control:
        • Intrusion:
        • CCTV:
        • Other security products:
        • Integrated products (HVAC + security):
        • Fire systems:
        • Integrated systems:
        • Spare parts for fire:
        • Spare parts for building technical management:
        • Software (CAD ...):
        • Communicating thermostat: SiteStat Thermostats