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      Retail solution: Simple building management system for Hypermarkets and Shopping Centres




      Value proposition

      Main drivers

      • About 50 % of consumed electricity is used for Lighting, HVAC and bakery
      • A lot of this energy is lost because power receivers are working too long
      • Lack of system controlling lighting brightness level.

      Solution in brief
      • A simple Building Management System (BMS) based on Twido Controllers and 7.4' touch-screen terminal XBTGT.

      Value proposition

      • BMS allows you to reduce energy consumption by 15% to 20% - overall for Lighting, HVAC and Bakery.

      Differentiation factors

      • Application oriented:
        - Type of HVAC equipment
        - Possibility of making division lighting circuit
        - Market schedule
      • The System is easily scalable – it can be composed of 1 to 4 controllers.
      • It can be accessed via Internet and standard Internet Explorer.



      Main characteristics

      • Schedule programme (independent for each outputs)
      • Conditional program (possibility of making output state dependent on any input state)
      • Receiving alarm signals from Building subsystems
      • Unload function (power guard)
      • Counter service (temporary, monthly, overall consumption of energy)
      • Main counter service with time zone division
      • Calculate current power from pulse signals and drawing trends
      • Manual control by terminal (forcing of output states)
      • Emergency control next to cubicle executed by switches.

      Success Stories

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      Solution breakdown

      Main services:
      • Engineering services: Services
      Main products & systems:
      • Programmable controllers: Twido
      • Single phase and 3-phase power supplies 100 V to 500 V - 7 W to 960 W: Phaseo ABL7, ABL8
      • Modular circuit-breakers up to 63A: C60
        _ + Remote SCADA: PC with Internet Explorer
              (use XBTGT web-gate function)