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You need to deliver highly modular and flexible conveying systems to better adapt to the changing demands of your customers while reducing the time to market and the total cost of your equipment. Ensure an easy integration of your equipments in the user’s environment and help your customer to achieve better tracking of their goods is your ongoing challenge.


    Schneider Electric’s tested, validated, documented conveying systems solutions save up to 50 % in operation. We propose a complete solution based on 4  types of local boxes and several technical proposal to control motor in order to optimise the costs of machine production and ownership. Solution mirrors mechanical structure to simplify installation and maintenance. They offer a better flexibility thanks to one function block and one single point of connection for each mechanical equipment. Function blocks are developed with a tracking function in order to enable a follow up at any time and anywhere the goods in conformity with regulation.


      Standardised multi-axis systems for a wide range of linear movements


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