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Compact / Hardwired / Logic controller / M258



An excellent performant solution using simple controls architecture...


Main Benefits

Dedicated to machines requiring performance and robustness, this architecture combines the new Modicon M258 logic controller, SoMachine software, Altivar® 312 variable speed drive, TeSys® U motor starters, Lexium® 32C servo drive and a Magelis® XBTGT/GK/GH display unit, with traditional hardwired cabling.

Consistency of solution
• This combination of high quality products provides a winning solution supported by Schneider Electric, a leader in automation.

Tested, validated and documented
• A complete system user guide gives all the details for installing and building your application with confidence.

Machine Openness 
• Ethernet Modbus TCP / EtherNet IP connection embedded.
• Web pages in the M258 logic controller.

Achieve productivity gains 
SoMachine is the all-in-one software environment designed specifically for OEM machine builders :
• Reduce design time by working in one single environment.
• Reduce time to market with ready-to-use architectures and applications function blocks.
• Architecture designed to adapt to your requirements.

Fast commissioning phase
• Single software environment with One software, One project file.
• PLCopen functions blocks to manage Altivar and Lexium drives.
• Pre-defined application function blocks and libraries allow for easy programming.



Performance Automation
Compact / Hardwired / Logic controller / M258

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