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Machine safety

machine safety:human life is the most important....

New machines - the European Machinery Directive

As machine builder, since 2010 you have to implement the new European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. One of the main changes associated with this fact, affects directly to the new standards available for the design of the safety related control systems.

Helping you to reach easily your safety machinery and standard level required

Don't wait more to implement easily the new functional standards, we guide you step by step


 Machine Safety guide

Select the right safety chain solution

Evaluate the safety of your machine

Learn about the changes in a comprehensive Machine safety guide (PDF, 3.14 MB) 

9 Schneider Electric’s safety chain solutions, approved by the TÜV to achieve the safety level required 

A software assistant tool for the Easy Application of the Control Standard EN ISO 13849-1 


A safety attitude around the machine life cycle

Safety must be taken into account right from the design stage and must be kept in mind at all stages in the life of a machine: design, manufacture, installation, adjustment, operation, maintenance and eventual scrapping.  

Implementing the ‘Functional Safety’ concept

The new functional safety standards are intended to encourage designers to focus more on the functions that are necessary to reduce each individual risk, and what performance is required for each.
Its take into account the reliability of the safety circuit components, which means there is a probabilistic element in compliance that must be quantified and you must be able to determine these levels on your safety machine functions.

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