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  • MCB Domae Miniature Circuit Breakers Exclusively designed to take care of all issues in Distribution Control installations to ensure complete Short circuit and Overload Protection
    • MCB Domae
    • MCB 2 pole
    • MCB 3 pole
  • RCD Domae Residual current devices Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are an Effective Protecton against Electrocution due to Direct and Indirect Contact & Earth leakages
  • Default Alternative Text Residual-current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection An RCBO is a type of circuit breaker with two functions, to prevent overload on a particular circuit at the same time as preventing anyone getting a shock
  • Default Alternative Text Surge protection devices Surge protection devices make sure that all devices situated within 10 meters distance from the switchboard are effectively protected.
  • mini pragma Installation enclosures
    Protects your electrical distribution with style. MCB Box Domae is suitable as distribution switchboard with protection IP40 as per IEC 60529,  self extinguish as per IEC 60695-2-1, robust material with class 2 isolation as per IEC 60439.3. Integrated with curvy transparent door.