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    Easergy L500

    Easergy Range Dedicated Remote Control System

    MV network remote control system for the Easergy range, Easergy L500 is a basic SCADA system which operates under Windows® and has been designed to control Easergy products with a few clicks

    Easergy L500
    • Fitur

      Easergy L500 technical charateristics:
      • Management of communications with Easergy devices through Radio, PSTN, GSM, GPRS Ethernet, Ethernet network, etc.
      • Operator interface with 1 to 3 screens: general view of network, substation view, alarm log and archives log view.
      • Control and monitoring basic functions in real time
        - remote MV switch status indication
        - switch/CB control
        - alarm and event management
      • Professional configurator to simplify implementation

      Standard Manufacturer Warranty: 18 months


      Reliably manage your network with a few clicks

      Easergy L500 enables you to simply and reliably manage your network to improve your financial performance, control your investments and ensure an optimal quality of services to your customers.


      • Remote control medium voltage distribution networks