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    Easergy T200P

    Telecontrol Interface for Pole-Mounted Load Break Switch

    Easergy T200P is available in various configurations according to the pole-mounted switchgear required to control

    Easergy T200P
    • Fitur

      Easergy T200P is available in various configurations and has many options according to the pole-mounted switchgear to control, the SCADA system and the transmission media:
        • Management of 1 to 2 overhead switchgear of various types (PM6, RL27, etc.)
        • Uninterruptible power supply 24 or 48 Vdc
        • Fault passage indicator and voltage outage detection
        • Current, voltage, power and energy measurements
        • MV network reconfiguration automation
        • Large catolog of protocols: IEC 870-5-101 and 104, DNP3, Modbus and various customer owned protocols
        • Various transmission systems: Ethernet, RS232, Radio, PSTN, GSM/GPRS, 3G, private line, etc.
        • Peer-to-peer communication using Modbus TCP
        • Calculation formulas for basic customer defined logic
        • IEC 61131 Soft PLC allowing customer-specific automation
          Combined with Peer-to-Peer communication, IEC 61131 Soft PLC allows development of various smart grid applications

      Standard Manufacturer Warranty: 18 Months


      Benefit from the experience of the Easergy range

      Thanks to the simplicity of implementation and operation, combined with the flexibility of a product open to a wide variety of SCADA systems and to all communication medium types, Easergy T200P is the solution to optimise your MV overhead network operation.


      • MV overhead network management
      • Remote control and monitoring
      • MV overhead network automation