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    Berita Energi Pasar, Analisis, dan Alat Perdagangan

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    • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

      DTN ProphetX® Energy Edition

      DTN ProphetX is a comprehensive solution for energy trading. It introduces you to an industry-leading array of innovative productivity features, advanced analytics, and performance enhancements. DTN ProphetX® Energy Edition
    • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

      DTN ProphetX® Excel® Add-ins

      Improve your analysis with our new, easy-to-use Excel Add-ins. DTN ProphetX® Excel® Add-ins
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    GDF Suez Energy

    See how GDF Suez Energy utilizes DTN ProphetX® for several of its business units, to access real-time market information, industry-shaping news, and tropical weather concerns. GDF Suez Energy Case Study

    NGL Energy Partners

    NGL Energy Partners is a full service, midstream provider of solutions, including crude oil marketing. Learn how DTN ProphetX® provides their traders the live quotes and charting capabilities they need to better understand and analyze fuel prices and trade volumes in a volatile marketplace. NGL Energy Partners Case Study
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    • Schneider Electric Refined Fuels

      See how Schneider Electric's supply chain automation solutions help the industry operate more efficiently.
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